This page contains information on the PEF file extension (Pentax RAW file), a popular video file format

PEF PEF (Image)

File extension .pef
Category Image File
Description PEF is a digital image format used in Pentax digital cameras such as the K3, K5, K10 and K20. Pentax cameras capture photos with unprocessed image data and information on the conditions when the photos were taken. The PEF format is based on the TIFF format - PEF uses a non-standard file header and includes additional image tags and encrypts some of the tagged data.
Technical Details RAW files are an intermediate format. They contain unmodified sensor data from the digital camera, packaged with metadata about the shot as well as a JPEG preview (for quick viewing). In Pentax-proprietary PEF files the data is both losslessly compressed and of a higher bit depth than that of JPEG. PEF files are 12-bit as a standard, however on the K-5, K-5IIs, and K-3 models they are full 14-bit RAW files.
Associated programs
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Corel Draw
  • Google Picasa
Developed by Pentax
MIME type
  • image/x-pentax-pef
  • image/x-pentax-raw
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