This page contains information on the LZH file extension (LZH Compression File), a popular video file format

LZH LZH (Archive)

File extension .lzh
Category Archive File
Description Popular in Japan, the LZH file extension is named after the algorithm it uses to compress the data within the file, Lempel-Zip-Huffman. The file type is most commonly associated with the LHA utility, a freeware compression tool created in 1988. Although never hugely popular in the western world it remains popular in Japan, with the Japanese version of Windows 7 having a specific add on to cater for the LZH file.
Technical Details The Lempel-Zip-Huffman algorithm is a lossless compression technique. This means that the file is compressed without discarding any data and can be reconstructed to its original format. One reported disadvantage of the LZH file type is that there are perceived vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the file and avoid detection by anti-virus applications.
Associated programs
  • WinRAR
  • LHA
  • WinZip
Developed by Haruyasu Yoshizaki
MIME type
  • application/lzh
  • application/x-lzh
  • application/x-lha
  • application/x-compress
  • application/x-compressed
  • application/x-lzh-archive
  • zz-application/zz-winassoc-lzh
  • application/maclha
  • application/octet-strea
Useful links

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