This page contains information on the CRW file extension (Canon RAW CIFF Image File), a popular video file format

CRW CRW (Image)

File extension .crw
Category Image File
Description The CRW format is the Canon RAW format, which stores images produced by some of Canon's range of digital cameras. Canon uses two types of RAW file, the CRW and CR2 formats - the CRW file format is written in the Camera Image File Format (CIFF), and was the original file format used by Canon up until 2004. It has since been superceded by the CR2 format which was first used with the EOS 20D model.
Technical Details The Canon CRW format has a structure that is very similar in nature to the TIFF file format specification but is easier to write to - unlink TIFF offsets are not absolute in CRW files, which means any re-writer software does not need to understand the complete file format in order to re-write the file.
Associated programs
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Corel Draw
  • Google Picasa
  • Microsoft Windows Photos
Developed by Cannon
MIME type
  • image/crw
  • image/x-canon-crw
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CRW Converter Image