This page contains information on the TCR file extension (Text Compression for Reader File), a popular video file format

TCR TCR (eBook)

File extension .tcr
Category eBook File
Description The .tcr file type was developed by Psion for use with their Series 3 palmtop devices developed during the 1990s. The format was solely intended for use on the device, however there are certain eBook readers that will display .tcr files. This file format is however obsolete following the discontinuation of palmtop devices.
Technical Details TCR is based on the ZVR file format. TCR provides relatively good compression ratios of approximately 50% which are better than PalmDOC, the main rival to the TCR format at the time of release.
Associated programs
  • GNU Tar
  • WinZip
  • StuffIt
  • Apple Archive Utility
Developed by Psion Teklogix
MIME type
  • application/octet-stream
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TCR Convert TCR file

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TCR Converter eBook