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KEY File

This page contains information on the KEY file extension (Apple iWork '09 Keynote presentation document), a popular document file format

File extension.key
CategoryDocument File
DescriptionFiles with a .key extension are created by Apple's "Keynote" application which forms part of Apple's iWork office suite, a set of applications which run on the Max OS X and iOS operating systems, and also includes Numbers (for spreadsheets) and Pages (for word processing).

Keynote began life in 2002 as an internal Apple tool developed for Steve Jobs to help him present at MacWorld. The first version was made available to the public in 2003 as Keynote 1.0 and was designed to compete with Microsoft's Powerpoint presentation software which formed part of Microsoft Office.

Designed to let users easily create, play and share presentations, Keynote contains most of the features found in modern presentation software, such as a slide navigator, the ability to add tables, shapes and charts to slides and a powerful media browser which allows users to drag and drop music from from iTunes, and photos from iPhoto and Aperture into their slides.

Keynote also contains over 40 pre-designed themes to let users select common presentation formats, and powerful graphics tools to manipulate embedded images and provide advanced 3D transitions between slides (powered by OpenGL). The major Keynote releases are summarised below:

VersionDateKey features
1.0January 2003First version - basic features - Import Powerpoint presentations, slide navigator, graphics support for rotations, resizing and opacity, charts and slide transitions.
2.0January 2005Released in iWork '05. Contained improved animations for slides and text, iLife media browser, new themes, more presenter controls, embedded hyperlinks and the ability to export presentations to Macromedia Flash.
3.0January 2006Released in iWork '06 with new themes, HD-capability, improved graphing and table features, cinematic transitions and 3D graphs.
4.0August 2007Released in iWork '08 with easier to use animation features, new templates, smart builds (for predefined animations), instant alpha (for removing backgrounds from photographs), and a new narration to add a voiceover to slideshows.
5.0January 2009Released in iWork '09. Contains support for MathType equations, a new share menu, trackpad support, "magic move" (for easier transitions), improved presenter tools, but removed support for exporting to Flash.
5.1July 2011Added support for Mac OS X Lion, and included support for full screen functionality, auto-save, resume and versioning. Also with improved compatibility with Microsoft Office.

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Technical DetailsOfficial file format specifications for iWork '09 keynote files are not published by Apple, but it is still possible to look at a developer document Apple released for iWork '05 file formats. At the top level iWork '09 keynote files represent a zip file containing:
  1. An index.apxl file
  2. A buildVersionHistory file
  3. A color-profile file
  4. A "QuickLook" directory with a "Thumbnail.jpg" of the document. The directory may also contain a PDF file named "Preview.pdf" if the user chose to save the original document with additional preview information in Keynote.
  5. A "Thumbs" directory with a JPEG thumbnail images for each slide in the presentation.

The index.apxl is the core component of the file format, containing the presentation's content and all of the metadata for formatting it and applying transitions to it. This XML is not standards-based as Keynote does not support the OpenDocument file format used by Microsoft.

Files created by Keynote in iWork '09 are not backwards compatibile with earlier versions of iWork. Keynote files cannot be opened by programs other than iWork.

Associated programs Keynote 5.0
Keynote 5.1
iWork '09
Developed by Apple Inc
MIME type  application/vnd.apple.keynote
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Convert KEY file

Convert KEY file

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