Have you ever wanted to
convert files without the need
to download software ?

easier file format converters


We've put together some tools to make converting files with Zamzar even easier. Check them out below:

Zamzar Email Conversions
  • What is this ?
  • Email conversions are a way of converting files directly from your email account without needing to use the Zamzar website. This can be useful if you need to convert files from a mobile device or if you get sent a file to your email account which you can't open.

  • How do I use it ?
  • To convert a file via email with Zamzar just:

    1. Attach the files you want to convert to a new email, or forward an existing email.
      (You can attach as many files as you want, provided they are each below our size limits).

    2. Send the email to format@zamzar.com
      (Where format is the name of the file format you want to convert to)
    For example to convert a PDF file into a Word Document (doc file) just email your PDF file to doc@zamzar.com

    You can read our blog post announcing this tool or look at detailed instructions about how to use email conversions.


Zamzar Web Browser Button
  • What is this ?
  • The Zamzar web browser button is for your web browser "Bookmarks Toolbar". Use it to convert files from all your favourite websites at the click of a button.

  • How do I get it ?

    1. Make sure your bookmarks toolbar is visible in your browser.

    2. Simply drag the button below onto your bookmarks toolbar
    3.           Convert with Zamzar
  • How do I use it ?
  • If you are on a video sharing website such as YouTube click the Zamzar button to convert and save the video you are watching (click for a full list of supported video sites).
    On any other website if you click the button, Zamzar will auto-detect if any files on the page can be converted and highlight them on that page for you - you can then click a button to convert them. See a video of the button in action here.