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This page contains information on the MyTouch a popular device for viewing video files developed by T-Mobile.

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Device / Program MyTouch
Category Video File
Description myTouch is a range of smartphones, all using the Android operating system that are sold as T-Mobile branded devices. The phones are actually made by a number of different manufacturers, with HTC making the first phones, then LG and most recently Huawei. Each phone in the range has a version with a slide-out keyboard and one without the keyboard. The range has been criticised for regressing, with the initial myTouch device seen as successful but more recent ones lacking in functionality and design. One of the major criticisms is that the Heawei produced device, released in 2012, is running on the 2010 version of Android. The device is relatively cheap for a smartphone, and can be said to be a budget option.
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Technical Details The latest T-Mobile myTouch device is capable of 720p video on the 4 inch screen, which is an increase on the myTouch 3G which had a display of only 3.2 inches. The phone supports a resolution up to 480x800 pixels. The device supports H.263, H.264 and 3GP. MP4 is the recommended video format to be used on the device, AAC is the recommended format for audio encoding. myTouch also support a number of audio formats including AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, MP4, WMA.
Developed by T-Mobile
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Converting files for MyTouch

Using Zamzar it is possible to convert a variety of formats to the MyTouch format.

Please see a list of supported formats below: