This page contains information on the XML file extension (Extensible Markup Language), a popular video file format

XML XML (Document)

File extension .xml
Category Document File
Description XML is a file type containing a markup language. This is readable by both a human user and an application. Designed to be a store data, rather than display data, it is a platform independent language and allows users to define their own tags. Its portability and vendor independence have made this a hugely popular file format, particularly online. XML allows structure to be given to data which allows other applications to interpret and process the data within an XML file. XML is considered as important to the web as HTML.
Technical Details All .XML files contain a basic structure within which users can define their own tags. Each file starts with what is called the XML declaration. This defines the version and encoding within the file itself. The file must then define a root element, also known as the parent element. The root element then has child element(s). All tags in an XML file must have a corresponding closing tag. XML files can contain comments, entity references and attributes. Applications can then be developed to extract the values within a file and represent them as desired.
Associated programs
  • Microsoft Office InfoPath
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Notepad
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Oxygen XML Editor
Developed by World Wide Web Consortium
MIME type
  • application/xml
  • application/x-xml
  • text/xml
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