This page contains information on the TAR.GZ file extension (Gzip Compressed Archive), a popular archive file format

tar.gz TAR.GZ (Archive)

File extension .tar.gz
Category Archive File
Description A .tar.gzh file extension represents a collection of files grouped together as a Tape Archive File (TAR) that has been compressed using the Gzip compression application. This means that the file is given a double extension relating to both the archiving method and the compression method. Files of this nature are often referred to as a tarball.
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Technical Details A file with the .tar.gz extension will be using gzip compression. This is achieved by identifying and temporarily replacing similar bits of data within the file, which reduces the overall size of the file. This method of compression is well established for use with TAR files and is now increasingly common for sending and receiving web page data.
Associated programs STDU Viewer
eBook for EPOC
Developed by The GNU Project
MIME type application/x-gtar
Useful links Detailed Description of TAR format
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Using Zamzar it is possible to convert TAR.GZ files to a variety of other formats

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