This page contains information on the OEB file extension (Open eBook File), a popular video file format

OEB OEB (eBook)

File extension .oeb
Category eBook File
Description The .oeb file extension was created for use in accordance with the Open eBook Standard which was overseen by the Independent Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). This is now a legacy format, having been superseded by the epub file type.
Technical Details Based on XML, the oeb file defines how multiple sources should be ordered and arranged into a single electronic delivery for the user to consume. This means that there Is one file to be transferred between the vendor and customer rather than multiple files. The file type permits the use of DRM protection. The format was designed to be open and easily used by any online bookstore.
Associated programs
  • Apple iBooks
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Sony Reader
Developed by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
MIME type
  • text/x-oeb1-document
  • application/x-openebook
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