This page contains information on the MDB file extension (Microsoft Access Database), a popular video file format

MDB MDB (Document)

File extension .mdb
Category Document File
Description The MDB file extension was created by Microsoft and is the primary file type associated with the Microsoft Access applicaiton, which forms part of the Microsoft Office product set. The file type rose in popularity as a result of the success of Microsoft Office and is a popular relational database file type due to its simplicity for creation and use by a novice. An .mdb file contains fields, rows, tables, forms, macros, queries and reports.
Technical Details An .mdb file extension can either be a self contained database based on its own Access Jet Database or be used as the front end representation with the backend linking to any ODBC compliant application such as Microsoft Excel, XML, SQL and Microsoft SharePoint. MDB files can be used to create simple applications. MDB files do not scale particularly well, with 1GB being the threshold in terms of file size before performance deteriorates.
Associated programs
  • Microsoft Access
  • MDB Viewer Plus
Developed by Microsoft
MIME type
  • application/msaccess
  • application/x-msaccess
  • application/vnd.msaccess
  • application/
  • application/mdb
  • application/x-mdb
  • zz-application/zz-winassoc-mdb
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