This page contains information on the JSON file extension (JavaScript Object Notation), a popular document file format

json JSON (Document)

File extension .json
Category Document File
Description JSON was initially developed as a way to simply store data structures and objects in a human readable format. It is not dependent on any language albeit it was initially based around Javascript. Douglas Crockford originally put together the specification for the JSON format. Douglas, an American computer programmer who helped to develop and popularise the JSON format.
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Technical Details JSON is made up of Numbers, Strings, Boolean values, Arrays and Objects and is based off of Javascript. JSON differs from Javascript in that it allows the Unicode line terminators U+2028 line separator and U+2029 paragraph separator to appear unescaped in quoted strings. JSON also permits the null character and they can be encoded in UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, the default it uses is UTF-8.
Associated programs Google Chrome
Microsoft Notepad
Microsoft WordPad
Mozilla Firefox
Developed by Douglas Crockford
MIME type application/json
Useful links More detailed information on JSON files
Information on Douglas Crockford who originally specified the JSON format

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