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Device / Program Excel 2010
Category Document File
Description Microsoft Excel 2010, and its predecessor Microsoft Excel 2007 both differ heavily from the earlier Microsoft Excel 97-2003 releases. The product features an overhauled user interface, focused heavily around something known as ribbon. Ribbon is a tabbed group of buttons and replaces the old toolbar functionality common with early MS Office products. Excel 2010 features only minimal improvements on functionality compared to Excel 2007, yet one standout feature is collaborative editing, which allows multiple users to edit a spreadsheet at one time, eradicating the issue of file locks.
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Technical Details Microsoft Excel 2010 has a default file type of XLSX however this file type may not contain VBA macro code, something which is fairly common in more advanced files. Users who attempt to save files contain VBA macro code will be prompted to save the file in XLSM format. The main difference between XLSX or XLSM and the older XLS file type is that the files use an XML structure which adds business logic and structure to the files. The file types are also open, royalty free and are more efficient resulting in smaller file sizes.
Developed by Microsoft
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Device / Program wks
Category Document File
Description The .wks file extension relates to spreadsheets created by Microsoft Works suite. Microsoft Works provided a less expensive and more simplistic spreadsheet program than Microsoft Excel. Often bundled with new PCs, the suite of products was discontinued in 2008. The file type was particularly unpopular due to a lack of compatability with other programs, including Microsoft Excel.
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Technical Details A .wks file allows rows and columns to be defined in a file within Microsoft Works. Other features commonly found in other spreadsheet applications are also found in .wks files including formulas, charts and graphs. Although Excel 2003 supports .wks files, Excel 2007 does not support them.
Developed by Microsoft
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