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msg MSG (Document)

File extension .msg
Category Document File
Description A MSG file is a file that contains content that comes from Microsoft Outlook. This could include emails, calendar appointments, contact cards or anything else that has been saved in Outlook that a user wants to access outside of Outlook. The MSG file will look different depending on what content you save. I.e. if you save an email then it will include content like sender and subject whilst a calendar appointment would include date and location - both of which wouldn't appear if you were saving an email. MSG files can be easily opened and are very lightweight.
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Technical Details MSG files are fairly simple files that are made up of a series of tags. The file itself comes from Outlook and the tags generated within the file will depend on the content that is being exported. A MSG file can be encoded and they're incredibly lightweight - often leaving next to no storage footprint.
Associated programs Encryptomatic MsgViewer Pro
Microsoft Outlook
Priasoft MSG File Viewer and Assessor
Developed by Microsoft
MIME type application/
Useful links Microsoft Open Specification - MSG
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pdf PDF (Document)

File extension .pdf
Category Document File
Description PDF files are one of the most popular file formats around today and seem to grow in popularity witheach passing year. They're particularly popular in professional settings because they're so universal. For example, presentations, spreadsheets or word documents can all be stored as PDFs and can be easily printed. The 'P' of PDF stands for Portable and it's that word that really sets the file format apart with PDFs being supported on almost any device or OS.
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Technical Details A PDF file is a lot richer than a MSG file in that it can contain images and can be laid out in an attractive fashion. A MSG file meanwhile is a lot more primitive and just contains the information pertaining to what has been exported. PDF files use PostScript, a programming language, to help make it look the way it does whilst a MSG file is simply text that has been exported from outlook.
Associated programs Adobe Viewer
Developed by Adobe Systems
MIME type application/pdf
Useful links Adobe Reader (to view)
Adobe Acrobat (to edit)
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