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m4a M4A (Audio)

File extension .m4a
Category Audio File
Description M4A files burst onto the scene after Apple decided to develop a rival file format to the popular MP3file. M4A files are audio files that have been compressed and they were so efficient that they quickly became the go to audio file, especially so after the launch of iTunes which had M4A as its default audio file. M4A files had that special combination of not only being smaller than an MP3 file but also better quality which is why they're the audio file type of choice for Apple devices including iPhones and iPods.
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Technical Details The M4A file is quite advanced in how it is put together. The audio is saved in the MPEG-4 format but uses AAC compression - a type of lossless compression - which gives it its excellent audio quality. The real magic of the file though is that the file is structured such that the compression used makes it even smaller than an MP3 file despite being such high quality. It is different to an MP4 format in that M4A is audio only and to make sure people don't get confused M4A stands for MPEG-4 Audio so as to help distinguish it further from an MP4 file.
Associated programs Android Phones
Android Tablet
Apple QuickTime Player
Apple iTunes
Developed by Apple
MIME type audio/m4a
Useful links What is an M4A file?
Apple Lossless
M4A Converter

mp4 MP4 (Video)

File extension .mp4
Category Video File
Description MP4 files have become common place to the public at large, in part because of the fact they are often the standard file format for any media that has been downloaded from the Internet, but also because they're the default file format for the majority of media files that have been downloaded from Apple's iTunes. The file itself is a compressed file that is made up of both audio and video with both elements each having undergone their own compression.
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Technical Details MP4 files are different to M4A files in that MP4 contains both audio and video whilst M4A is an audio only file. Both MP4 and M4A files use AAC compression to compress the audio data making both files popular to users who want high quality files without running up a high storage footprint. MP4 files also uses MPEG-4 standard to compress the video element of the file. M4A files tend to be the go to file format for Audio files, certainly when it comes to Apple, but MP4 files are still popular because they're more universal and can contain video data.
Associated programs Apple QuickTime Player
Apple iTunes
Microsoft Windows Media Player
VideoLAN VLC Media Player
Developed by Moving Picture Experts Group
MIME type audio/mpeg
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